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NEXT Wagyu Shoyu | Plant-Based Beef 150g

NEXT Wagyu Shoyu | Plant-Based Beef 150g

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Plant-Based Beef Slices in Shoyu Flavour
Made in Singapore

<Healthy and delicious>
A savoury twist to Teriyaki! This option has a milder sweetness and a robust umami flavour that unleashes with each bite. The additional touch of garlic gives a more savoury and complex flavour.
Besides yakiniku style, you can eat it with bagels, burgers, rice bowls, essentially its up to your creativity to how you want to cook it!

< How to eat >
Thaw product before cooking, once opened used within 24 hours.
Pre-heat grill/ non-stick pan, add oil and cook at medium high heat for approximate 3 minutes until the surfaces are lightly seared.
*Cooking time may vary depending on equipment, always cook to an internal core temperature ≥75°C.

< Ingredients >
Processed Soybean, Sake (Rice, Liquor, Rice Koji, E270, Yeast), Mirin (Rice, Water, Liquor, Corn Syrup, Rice Koji), Shoyu (Water, Salt, Soybean, Wheat, E211), Canola Oil, Sugar, Ginger, Garlic, Corn Flour.

< Allergens >
Wheat, Soy

< Nutrition Fact (Per 100g) >

< Net Weight >

*Soybeans are not genetically modified
*No animal ingredients/ derivatives were used
*Sugar used were not processed using beef bone charcoal
*If palm oil were used, it is produced sustainably
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Julius Kiesel
Could be better

Texture was good. But it could be less sweet. And the meet should be a bit thicker. It’s very small portion now compared to the pricr

Koon Lin
Very flavourful!

Rich umami flavour, goes very well with the salad with no additional dressings needed!

Akira Yasuda
Savoury and Meaty

Pre-marinated and very convenient for home cooking. Pan-frying with a little oil gives a nicely grilled visual and taste. Can be easily added to any meal as a protein source. I think it would be good with lettuce wraps too. Satisfyingly savoury and meaty, impressive even though I've tried many plant-based meat substitutes. Highly recommended for umami lovers!

Great taste & texture, really easy to cook!

Wow very impressed by great-tasting shoyu marinade combined with the meaty texture of the Wagyu which absorbs the marinade really well. Extremely easy to cook with and very versatile, highly recommend as a meat substitute!

Love it

Super easy and convenient. Most importantly yummy!!! Love the taste and texture of the meat. Perfect with white rice!

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Answer your customers' common questions

What is plant-based meat and is it the same as lab grown meat?

Plant-based meat is a term used to describe food that are made from plants. Next Meats (plant-based meat) mimics the taste and texture of meat products, without using any animal products nor its derivatives. Lab-grown meat, on the other hand, uses animal cells sourced directly from animal bodies and cultured in labs.

Is Next Meats safe to consume and are there any restrictions?

Definitely! As from the name itself, it is mainly sourced from plant ingredients. However, do keep a look out for allergen statement in our packaging if you are allergic to any of the major food allergens.

What is the shelf life of Next Meats products?

Our frozen products have a shelf life of 12 months when stored in proper condition. Do always refer to the expiry date printed on our packaging and do not refreeze after thaw.

Next Meats products GMO-free?

Yes! All our products are GMO-free.