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NEXT Gyudon | Plant-Based Japanese Beef Bowl 120g

NEXT Gyudon | Plant-Based Japanese Beef Bowl 120g

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Plant-Based Beef Bowl
Made in Japan

Additive-free plant-based food that is absolutely delicious
The texture and flavor of this product are so similar to those of a regular gyudon (Japanese Beef Bowl) that there is no way you can tell it is a meat substitute unless you have been told.

We hope to fundamentally alter the perception that plant-based food is healthy but does not taste good. This gyudon does not contain any animal-derived ingredients or additives, and it will have a positive impact on both your health and our global environment.

With its high protein and low-fat content, this gyudon is the perfect choice for athletes. You can even enjoy it as a late-night snack without feeling guilty about it.




< How to enjoy >
Heat up using a double boiler (the easier method) You can heat up the product when it is still frozen using a double boiler for around 5 minutes and serve it on top of rice. Simmer in a pot (the more delicious method) We also recommend allowing the frozen product to thaw before cooking it directly in a pot so that the plant-based meat can absorb the flavors of the broth.

< Ingredients >
Processed soybean (defatted soybeans, salt)
(Domestic production in Japan)Seasonings
(Soybean, Sugar, Fermented rice seasonings, Yeast extract,
Kelp extract, Salt, Brewed vinegar, Shiitake mushroom extract,
Ginger powder)Onions, Edible rapeseed oil / Food coloring
(Caramel Pigment), (Some include soybeans and wheat partly)

< Nutrition Fact: Per 100g >

<Net Weight >


< Allergens >

 Wheat, Soy


*Soybeans are not genetically modified
*No animal ingredients/ derivatives were used
*Sugar used were not processed using beef bone charcoal
*If palm oil were used, it is produced sustainably

Kindly note that red pickled ginger are not included in the product

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Answer your customers' common questions

What is plant-based meat and is it the same as lab grown meat?

Plant-based meat is a term used to describe food that are made from plants. Next Meats (plant-based meat) mimics the taste and texture of meat products, without using any animal products nor its derivatives. Lab-grown meat, on the other hand, uses animal cells sourced directly from animal bodies and cultured in labs.

Is Next Meats safe to consume and are there any restrictions?

Definitely! As from the name itself, it is mainly sourced from plant ingredients. However, do keep a look out for allergen statement in our packaging if you are allergic to any of the major food allergens.

What is the shelf life of Next Meats products?

Our frozen products have a shelf life of 12 months when stored in proper condition. Do always refer to the expiry date printed on our packaging and do not refreeze after thaw.

Next Meats products GMO-free?

Yes! All our products are GMO-free.