NEXT Gyudon

NEXT Gyudon

Plant-based meat will continue to evolve and there will be a day when it finally takes its place in the regular menus of gyudon restaurants. NEXT MEATS Co., Ltd. has successfully developed and launched the world’s very first meat substitute for gyudon.

< Additive-free plant-based food that is absolutely delicious >

The texture and flavor of this product are so similar to those of a regular gyudon that there is no way you can tell it is a meat substitute unless you have been told. We hope to fundamentally alter the perception that plant-based food is healthy but does not taste good. This gyudon does not contain any animal-derived ingredients or additives, and it will have a positive impact on both your health and our global environment. With its high protein and low fat content, this gyudon is the perfect choice for athletes. You can even enjoy it as a late-night snack without feeling guilty about it.

< Ingredients and nutrition facts >

Ingredients: Processed soybeans (defatted soybeans produced in Japan, salt), seasonings (soy sauce, sugar, fermented rice seasonings, yeast extract, kombu extract, salt, brewed vinegar, shiitake mushroom extract, ginger powder), onion, canola oil, coloring (caramel color). (This product contains soybean and wheat ingredients.)

Nutrition facts (per 100g): Calories: 196kcal. Protein: 4.9g. Total fat: 15.7g. Total carbohydrate: 8.6g. Salt equivalent: 1.4g.

※This product is also suitable for vegans.

< How to enjoy this product >

Heat up using a double boiler (the easier method) You can heat up the product when it is still frozen using a double boiler for around 5 minutes and serve it on top of rice. Simmer in a pot (the more delicious method) We also recommend allowing the frozen product to thaw before cooking it directly in a pot so that the plant-based meat can absorb the flavors of the broth.

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