A meat substitute-based hamburger that mitigates global warming “NEXT Burger 1.2”

NEXT MEATS has harnessed our food technology to develop this plant-based hamburger in Japan. This burger contains the natural ingredient “Salacia” which makes it delicious and healthy. Like a hardware startup company, we will continue to improve this hamburger and make it even better moving forward.



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Contents: 80g patty x4, sauce x4 Ingredients (patty): Soybeans produced in Japan (not genetically modified), pea protein, sautéed onion, bread crumbs, vegetable oil, wheat flour, potato starch, dried shiitake mushroom, salt, spices (black pepper, white pepper, nutmeg, allspice), yeast extract, red fermented rice. ※The hamburger patties do not contain palm oil or white sugar.

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